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local adventures

I've decided what livsmama needs for Christmas is some adventure. The problem is if you present an adventure someone doesn't want it's just added stress, but presenting someone with an adventure "of their choice" it's a cop out.

So! I'm asking people to suggest local adventures. I might present them as a tournament, or choose one if it's an obvious good match.

future cook?

My son, who is four, has a favorite spatula. He gave his favorite spatula the nickname "doublr flipper", but that's not its real name. He says its real name is "Geoffrey"
Let's just be clear. The crisis affecting wall street is fundamentally the same as the crisis affecting main street.


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stop! or I gotta pee!

I am intrigued

has anyone heard about this event? I realize the website is a bit vague, but it could be interesting.

I can't believe they killed batman!

I kid, of course. No spoilers here. I will reveal that one of the trailers before the movie is for Watchmen, and boy does it look good. It's encouraging, because that's one challenging movie to make, and all the fans know the surprise ending already.

Batman, though... as I said to Julia as we were leaving the theater, that was a damn good trilogy.

great obama

great obama
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oh, that's classic

Jul. 7th, 2008

Not content to air interesting reality shows while other networks have obstacle courses and popularity contests, PBS has decided to spank them again by putting on a physical challenge that shames the competition. In The Devil's Brigade, a group is challenged with recreating the accomplishments of The World War II unit that gives the show its name. Looks like fun!
There's a diminishing return to fuel efficiency; if your vehicle only uses a thimble of gas a day, the benefit of doubling fuel efficiency isn't worth much. Given that, and the cost (both financial and environmental - battery production is a mining-intensive operation) of improving fuel efficiency, it should be possible to figure out the "sweet spot" of mileage. There are other concerns, of course - a motorcycle is more fuel-efficient than a car, with the trade-off of keeping out of the elements.

the study questions aren't much clearer

instructor: Who is like an enzyme?

class: ...

instructor: What occupation is like an enzyme?

class: umm... construction worker? police officer?

instructor: lawyers!